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Portable Screening Test For Tuberculosis

A Key Requirement To Eradicate a Global Pandemic

Epilab's state of the art technology helps health organisation that want to fight tuberculosis by improving the rate of diagnosis in developing countries and reducing the number of new infections and victims.


Tuberculosis In Figures

10 Million New Cases Each Year

Each year, 10 million people contract tuberculosis. One-third of these new cases, representing about 3 million individuals, are not detected and remain unknown to health organisations. As a result, patients are not receiving appropriate treatment, thereby allowing for ongoing disease transmission.

4 Million Undetected Cases

​Eighty percents of new yearly cases emerge in developing countries that lack resources to implement successful diagnosis campaigns. Existing tests are not adapted to the needs of those countries.

4 in10 people with tuberculosis
are not diagnosed or treated


1.5 Million Victims

Despite being a preventable and curable disease, 1.5 million people die from tuberculosis each year because their diagnosis is “missed,” making it the world’s top infectious disease killer.

The main reason of this underdiagnosis are:

  • Infrastructure (labs) required : most of the population does not have easy access to the few existing infrastructures

  • Medically qualified staff required

  • Testing is expensive.

  • Available tests are unquantifiable and lack sensitivity

epilab screening Test

The answer to underdiagnosis of Tuberculosis in developing countries


No infrastructure needed


Adapted to affected countries



Reusable reader

x 1000

Matches WHO's demand

Easy To Use

No qualification needed


Competitive with existing tests

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Pipette Inserted Into Test Tube

How We Do It?

We leverage a patented tuberculosis detection method using specific enzymatic reactions coupled with electrochemical detection.

To learn more about EpiLAB patented technology send us a message by clicking the button below.

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Pipetting Samples



Meeting Frédérique Vidal, at Viva Technology event

June 2021

Viva technology, Europe's biggest startup and tech event, was organised in june 2021 in Paris. Epilab had the opportunity to present its solution on a stand and meet several potential partners. 

Special thanks to Frederic Vidal, Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, to whom we presented the EpiLAB solution.

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Epilab joins Cerba Healthcare's virtual incubator

November 2021

By joining the Virtual Incubator of Cerba HealthCare Group, already widely established in Africa, EpiLAB will be able to accelerate the development of its test and its widespread use. The collaboration with Cerba HealthCare will allow Epilab to propose a product as close as possible to the needs of the field, in order to facilitate its adoption by healthcare professionals and optimize its integration into new patient pathways. 


Epilab receives BPI DeepTech label

January 2022

Epilab officially labeled Deeptech by Bpifrance! 
One more step towards the deployment of Epilab portable screening kit.


1M€ seed to develop Epilab kit 

February 2022

Epilab raises €1 million to develop its portable, simple and rapid tuberculosis diagnostic kit. This kit will be the first to answer the international's demand for a such a screening tool, and will be deployed in West Africa. 

Plusieurs centaines d’euros à gagnger!.png

Industrial design hackathon

March 2022

Epilab is organizing an industrial design hackathon. The goal is to develop a concept to integrate in epilab kit. 


Epilab at ChangeNOW

May 2022

Epilab had the opportunity present the solution for TB detection at ChangeNOW, the world’s largest event for the planet 
Every year, it brings together the most innovative solutions and impactful changemakers tackling our planet’s biggest challenges, to take action, together. ChangeNOW builds bridges between the entrepreneurs, business leaders and policy-makers to accelerate change.


 Rotary Club Impact Startup Award

May 2022

Epilab is honored to receive the Rotary Club Impact StartUp Award. 
This price acknowledges project with a strong social impact while having technological and human dimensions. 

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biotech fr.PNG

Interview with Epilab at France biotech

June 2021

France Biotech is the French trade association of biotechnology companies. Its primary mission is to support the development of this industry in France.
Epilab was the subject of the 5th episode of its "Pépites Healthtech" series where France Biotech present promising start-ups.