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The answer to underdiagnosis of Tuberculosis in developing countries


No infrastructure needed


No false negative result

Easy to use

No qualification needed


Adapted to affected countries


Tuberculosis diagnosis gap in figures


10 million new cases each year

Each year, 10 million people contract with tuberculosis. One-third of these new cases, about 3 million, are not detected and remain unknown to health organizations. Therefore they are not receiving proper treatment they need and deserve, and increase contamination.

3 million undetected cases

​Eighty percents of new yearly cases emerge in developing countries who lack of resources to afford and deploy sufficient diagnosis campaign. Existing tests are not adapted to the needs of those countries. The main issues are:

  • Infrastructure (labs) required : most of the population does not have an easy access to the few existing infrastructure

  • Medically qualified staff required

  • High prices

  • Unquantifiable and not sensitive tests

1.5 million victims

Despite being a preventable and curable disease, due to underdiagnosis, 1.5 million people die from TB each year, making it the world’s top infectious killer.

Reference : World Health Organization

How we do it

We leverage a patented tuberculosis detection method using specific enzymatic reactions coupled with electrochemical detection.


Our team

Maurice Lubetzki


Entrepreneur, Engineer

Clément Dubois


Entrepreneur, Engineer

Murielle Rochelet

CSO, inventor

PhD in Electrochemistry

Elodie Barbier


PhD in Mycobacteria


Contact us

4 rue Anatole France, 78350, Jouy-en-Josas, France

C. Dubois : +33 6 04 15 71 54

M. Lubetzki : +33 6 47 71 54 32

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