The founding team : Murielle, Elodie, Clément and Maurice

A complementary team driven by a same goal : leverage Elodie's and Murielle's invention to build the best screening tool for tuberculosis and diagnose the 3 million people undetected each year.

Maurice Lubetzki


Entrepreneur, Engineer

Clément Dubois


Entrepreneur, Engineer

Murielle Rochelet

CSO, inventor

PhD in Electrochemistry

Elodie Barbier

Research scientist, Inventor

PhD in Microbiology

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Scientific Board

Dr. Lucas Esuh Esong

Member of the PNLT (National program to fight tuberculosis) in Cameroon; consultant for WHO on tuberculosis in Africa and founder of the Always Care Foundation, which promotes access to care and education in underprivileged communities.

Dr. Esuh Esong is well acquainted with the problems associated with field diagnosis and is currently helping EpiLAB organise clinical studies in Central and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Pr. Emmanuelle Cambau

Head of the National Reference Centre (CNR) for Mycobacteria at Bichat Hospital and President of the AMST at EUCAST (European Committee on Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing).

Professor in microbiology and bacteriology; world-renowned expert in Mycobacteria and tuberculosis, she appears in more than 300 scientific publications on tuberculosis, mycobacteria and bacteriological resistance.

Dr. Laurent Raskine

Former member of the National Reference Centre for Mycobacteria, he now works at the Mérieux Foundation as an expert in tuberculosis and international operations.

      His extensive experience in the field and his vast knowledge about the disease disease make him uniquely positioned to guide EpiLAB through scientific research and product development. Laurent Raskine has already set up laboratories and deployed tests in the countries where EpiLAB plans to establish operations, particularly in Africa.

      Dr Raskine Raskine is the author or co-author of 117 scientific publications on tuberculosis, mycobacteria and bacteriological resistance

Origin of EpiLAB

The project was born during the first containment in March 2020. Clément Dubois connected with several SATT, a technology acceleration and transfer company, because he is interested in the valorisation of French technologies. From SATT Sayens, the EDMYC process "new portable and easy to use kit for tuberculosis diagnosis" hooked his attention. With the two technology inventors, and Maurice Lubetzki, former entrepreneur, Clement Dubois decided to take over the EDMYC patent and created EpiLAB.

Our Partners



EpiLAB in Les Echos

February 2021

Article in Les Echos, looking back at the beginnings of the start-up and the collaboration with SATT Sayens. Sayens has overseen the maturation of the innovation based on the electrochemical detection of tuberculosis, and now becomes a minor shareholder of the company to help deploy this rapid diagnostic kit on a global scale.

EpiLAB joins La French Tech Paris Saclay community

February 2021

French Tech Paris-Saclay represents the interests of a community of start-ups, scaleups and project leaders in the Paris-Saclay, Yvelines and Essonne area.


EpiLAB is selected by SNITEM for the 6th "day of the innovative Startup of the medical device"!

January 2021

SNITEM (Syndicat National de l'Industrie des Technologies Médicales) is the leading professional organisation representing most of the Medical Devices and Health ICT industryies. It federates more than 500 companies.


EpiLAB is labeled DeepTech Pioneer by Hello Tomorrow

November 2020

Hello tomorrow is a mission-driven global organisation that aims to accelerate the transfer of deep technologies to solve some of our most pressing industrial, environmental and societal challenges. For its global summit, they selects start-ups that are game-changers developing cutting-edge technology to bring positive change to our planet, society and industries : DeepTech Pioneers.


Participation in two challenges

October 2020

EpilAB wins the Prix de l'ingénierie du futur by SYNTEC (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3a0yH9jWDg&ab_channel=Concepteursd%27Avenirs) and reaches the final of the challenge of Centrale Schools


EpiLAB joins X-up at Ecole Polytechnique

August 2020

EpiLAB is selected to join the famous Ecole Polytechnique's incubator.


Beginning of The Project

March 2020

The first meeting between Clément, Maurice, Murielle and Elodie took place in March 2020. Everyone quickly connected and wished to collaborate and put each skill in contribution to develop the portable kit.